When you book a tubing trip at Stan's Landing & Fritz's Island Campgrounds we want your trip to be as less work for you as possible. We shuttle our guests from our campgrounds up to Berry Bridge where we have your tubes already hooked together and waiting for you to just get on and enjoy your float. This makes getting on the river very quick and easy for you. You then float down the river until you make it back to Stan's Landing located in the middle of our campgrounds where we are there waiting to help you when you return. You will then be able to leave your tubes with us and take your personal belongings and walk back to your campsite or your car you have parked there. There is no waiting around for hours for a shuttle to pick you up or worries that you will be late getting off the river and missing your ride. Your time on the river depends on the water level and speed of the river at the time of your float and also the amount of time you stop to play in the river and take in the beautiful waterfalls along the way, but you can plan on your float with us taking approx 5 - 5 1/2 hours. We do require you to be back to our campgrounds with your tubes no later than 6:30 pm because our staff is there waiting to help you.


Our tubes are priced per person, not per tube. Our tubes are meant to be for 1 person only, however, kids under 5 years old are encouraged to ride with an adult for safety reasons and are free. If you have a child that is 5 or older that is too small to ride alone or are afraid to they can ride with an adult, however, they will still be required to pay for their tubing trip.


In order to confirm your reservation and reserve your tubes you are required to put down a non-refundable deposit on each tube. If for any reason you are not able to keep your reservation or some of the members of your group will not be able to make it you can cancel the reservation on those tubes and not pay the remaining balance on those tubes as long as you give us notice at least 6 days prior to your arrival. Five days prior to your group's arrival the remaining balance on your tubes and your camping fees will be run on your credit card so that you will be paid in full prior to your arrival.


If you would like to tube with us, please be sure to make your reservations early as tubes are available on a first come first serve basis.         


     Non-Refundable Deposit Required    
     Tube Rates:                       $40.00 Per Person                                           $30.00  Per Person            
       (kids under 5 can ride with a parent for free)
     Cooler Tubes   $10.00 Per Tube  

                        ** Tax is included in the price
                        ** Prices subject to change
                        ** No refund on deposit
                        ** Reservation not secure until deposit is made
                        ** One person allowed per tube
                        ** No pets allowed on shuttles or Tubes



Stan's Landing &
Fritz's Island Campgrounds
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